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Dec. 30th, 2011 05:58 pm
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Everything you need to know should be in here!

History (1-133)
Tea Shop stupid html

Thank you Trap for teaching me (and a few others) how to sticky.

146. Cube

Nov. 4th, 2013 09:55 pm
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It's been six years.

Maybe I should just stop counting after this. Is it worth it? All that stuff about seven years...

[Sheena remembers her last 'anniversary' with neutrality, but the fallout with a hard grimace and clenched fists.]

There'd better not be some stupid statue anywhere this time.

[locked to Albert Silverberg]

Hey. Up for a talk?

[[ooc: Six long years ago I joined this silly game. I can't wrap my head around this and I have lived it. You guys are amazing.]]
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[Sheena does her best work at night. Slipping around, darting shadow to shadow or fast leaps from rooftop to rooftop, feet barely touching the surface before she's off again in a hurry. The wings barely slow her down after enough chances to get used to them.

This isn't the town she went to sleep in, she thinks. No amount of maps and briefings could've prepared her for Sylvarant, though, and maybe this was just part of it. She spends a couple days looking for the Chosen, and can't find her - but she does find one of her traveling companions, living with a really annoying redhead in a house near the village square.

Approaching them might bring trouble.

Once she's all sorted and slightly less confused - and proportionately indignant about her situation and being somebody's pet experiment project - she spends most of her time training in the barracks, still doing the semi-stealthy roof patrol thing, this time while trying to get the drop on people, and...ready to play games of hide-and-seek or tag with any kids that might be wandering around. She'll even offer to start as It!]
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[The morning is unremarkable, really. It isn't as hot as it was last week; there are some clouds, some sun, a little breeze. The only unusual thing, from Sheena's perspective, is that she gets up early to make breakfast for her roommates and she goes to work early, too. Early enough to help out the morning shift. Not too long into the shift she opens one of the tearoom windows and sticks her head out. The wind immediately blows her hair into her face and she doesn't care. Beside her on the table is her journal, which she opens only to half-grin into it.]

There's a special at the tea shop today. Everything's free! So you'd better show up.

[It's not even a very good joke. She just felt like something...normal. What passes for normal when a significant piece of your live has been lived in Luceti. When a significant age is already here.]

143. Cameo

Apr. 24th, 2013 01:57 pm
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[Early this morning, someone delivered a letter, unnoticed, to Sheena's bedroom. When she wakes, it is taped to her forehead, hanging down in front of her eyes. The contents of the letter may remain forever a mystery to anyone but her. It's not like she wants to have a read-together over the journal or anything! Especially since it's a jovial and slightly-mocking letter from Bil. "So sorry for the delay", "brings back thrilling memories", and "enjoy your walk to work my dear!" are the scariest things she has read in a while.

That's how she ends up running toward the plaza and the tea shop a couple of hours earlier than usual - and stopping several yards from the fountain with an actual squawk. There, atop the fountain as though it had been made for display this way, is a statue of her. A shiny, actiony statue that she remembers paying for in gald without knowing what the heck they were gonna do with the money.]

Is he serious? [Anyone in the vicinity of the plaza can hear this rant and she doesn't really care.] I've gotta get that thing down!

[Which! Necessitates a voiced announcement of sorts, as much as she wishes she could just have this taken care of quietly.] Anybody good with, uh...dismantling...stone sculpturey things? [Except the statue may not be stone and it's atop the fountain and where would they even put it and-!] This is a really stupid gift.

[[ooc: So! For this one day, an actual real statue of Sheena is atop the plaza fountain (a bit smaller than its canon counterpart...but not much). After today it'll be in her backyard instead - a very belated 5th anniversary gift. Go by! Gawk! Laugh at the ninja who is standing there gawking too! It's meant to be silly and embarrassing as only Bil can pull off.]]
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Guess it's about that time again, huh? Hey, everybody. I just wanted to say that we're kinda shorthanded at the tea shop these days and so if anyone wanted to work a day or two, there's...a lotta space in the schedule for it. It's weird not to work for money, and everything, but at least it's something to do.

Or you could just come have tea, too. That reminds me I've gotta ask at the bakery again about making stuff. We've got just about everything you could want, I think. Uh, I mean, if what you want is a specific kind of tea.

And the last thing is that...Ayumu went home. So the house is pretty empty again. [The vocal equivalent of a shrug, followed by a shade of actual shrugging.] Kinda the way things are here sometimes. I've been here for a little bit more than five years and you just get used to it eventually. Most of it. Sorta.

Anyway. Didn't mean to make this whole thing depressing.

[And as usual, anyone may catch her at work. Avoiding the house? No way, of course not!]
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[The first day Sayo didn’t show up for work, Sheena was only a little worried. She’d been having more memory problems lately, and chances were good she had forgotten again, or thought she was supposed to stay at the restaurant.

It was a little more worrying on the second day. She met no rampaging half-elves in the street, though, so it was probably nothing.

But now? It's been days, and now that they're free of the chaos of a draft and a weird holiday, she’s decided to figure out what the heck is going on here. Her filtered attempt at a message to Sayo breaks. That’s…about the end of it, then, isn’t it?

She’ll sneak into the house to check. It doesn’t feel right to just walk on in. When she makes the announcement she’s back in the tea shop.]

Look, uh…I know things are kinda rough right now, but someone’s gotta… [It’s impossible to soften this kind of thing, huh?] Sayo’s gone. I’m pretty sure. She had a bunch of notes about people that she wrote down, so if you want them…I’ve got them.

[There's a pause.]

So. Five years. ...Kinda not how I wanted this day to turn out. Sorry, Sayo.

[[ooc: And if you still want a note from Sayo, Ashlee directs you to still comment on the OOC drop notice! NOW WITH IMPROVED TIMING.]]
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We're about through with the New Feathers, right? There's probably gonna be a couple more, I guess. Funny how it's not the huge deal it used to be, isn't it? There're so many people here now who can explain everything and make it less...unbelievable.

Anyway. I'm Sheena and...uh, I've been here for a really long time, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. I wanna let everybody know about the tea shop! Especially if you decide you wanna work there. It's really not all that hard to make tea and serve it to people; just say something if you're interested. It's above the Welcome Center anytime you feel like tea. I've got pretty much everything, even stuff I've never heard of from other worlds. There's a separate room if one of the groups wants to have a meeting or something.

Once it starts to get colder, the shop won't be open as late, but I dunno when that'll happen exactly. Depends on the weather and how many problems the Malnosso make for us until then, I guess.

Oh! And watch out for that one bridge, there's a pirate who likes to think he can steal stuff from you there sometimes. He's really not that much of a threat. [Said with a weird kind of affection; she likes Jack. In the he's-so-infuriating way that Sparrow inspires in everyone.]

[Filtered to Brave Vesperia]

I mean it about meetings. If you ever wanna meet somewhere that has food and stuff, even if I'm not around, just go ahead. I'll give somebody a key.
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[Happy end of July, Luceti.

There's a good chance you'll see Sheena walking around the village backwards today. She can't seem to propel herself forward or turn her head to see where she goes. Expect to be walked into or to watch her trip over commonplace noiseless things like rocks, benches, and the occasional stray barber pole.

After one such incident she takes out her journal and gives it the best ninja glower she can summon.]

Sheesh! What kinda present is this anyway? Can't even get in the door of my own house. When I get my hands on those guys they won't know what-

[The ground is now ice. Whoosh! Sheena skids directly into the fountain, stopping herself somehow before any serious harm is done.]

Oh great! This is just great, can I be dumber yet? I'm too old for this stuff... And tell those stupid trees to shut up about my life! Nobody needs to know that about Jack!

--Ugh! I mean I didn't- [A heavy sigh.] I give up.

[On the 31st she's doing the rooftop-to-rooftop hop because the whole world is suddenly lava land. When there's too wide of a gap between one house and the next, it's all she can do to land on a bench and cling to it, wincing from the heat. How are some of these other people just walking on the stuff?]

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I think...it's over. I mean I think- uh, I guess I hope everything's over. Or at least most of the bad stuff, anyway. It's never really over around here.

If anybody wants to fill me in on the stuff that went on in the village after the decoys went to their stations...or, uh...if you wanna be filled in, too. [She intends for that to sound ordinary, so ordinary, but to catch the attentions of the right people.] Anyway I wanna hear about whose houses are having trouble and stuff like that. I'll be back at work this afternoon. Assuming it's still in one piece, I haven't been up there.

[True to her word, and despite a couple of broken windows and some water damage, Sheena does indeed return to the Tea Shop after lunch and gets it ready for anybody who needs or wants to come in. She won't be there as long as usual - four hours, tops.

Surely people are curious enough to want to know - if only what it was like to be stuck in a submarine. She expects to be joined by an employee or two, too!]

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[Good morning, Luceti! It is April 15. Looks like rain.

In the early-ish hours, before the rain, anyone in or near the Welcome Center is going to hear the decisive sounds of hammering. If you're close enough, you might also hear a ninja missing once and hammering her hand instead. Thankfully they don't last long - because she has the journal open there by her feet, so a dull thud may be echoing in a few bedrooms or kitchens too.

When the noise ends, there is a new sign hanging over the door to the tea shop.

Celsius Tear

Complete with image of teapot, steam and all.

Sheena brushes her hands together and steps back to look at her handiwork, leaving a half-footprint on the journal she nearly trips over.]

Whoa-! Oh, geez. [Get the book off the floor, would you?]

Sorry if I woke anybody up. Had to get this sign up early, because it looks like I'm leaving on a mission tomorrow. Guess I can call it a real business now, huh? Even though there's no gald or anything.

[She hasn't really admitted it to too many people - but as painful as going home was, it did part of her a lot of good. For all it may not have been exactly real.]

Anyway, it'll be open until right after lunch, because I've gotta get ready to go. Unless there's anybody who wants to work for the afternoon by themselves.

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[As with the others, Sheena's returned from her mission to a crisp February day. Climbing out of the tunnel and looking at the plaza, she decides this is the place she's going to be for the next little while.

Carrying this out by sitting down immediately beside the fountain and resting her head against its freezing stone surface is the best plan she can come up with. It will be hours later before she writes anything down in her journal, home by then and unable to sleep.]

I still hate the jungle.

[[ooc: Backdated, of course, to yesterday when the mission ended. Finding her at the fountain is totally cool.]]

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[To take a leaf from Masa's tree, this post is for multiple characters.
Just say which one you're after!

Sheena is in the tea shop until she figures out things are crazy. Then she'll be in the Welcome Center or trolling the rooftops.
Nephry is in the plaza, watching all of this...maybe hoping to see someone familiar.
San is in the forest, hunting.
Mia is in the Battledome, training/working in the clinic as usual. She probably doesn't notice anything is wrong for a while.
Luke is in the LIbrary on Saturday, looking for puzzle books. On Sunday he's also in the plaza...staring. What a crowd!

Please leave your name, date, and the name of the person you're calling, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

In the event of a log, some of them will make appearances there too.]
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So after thinking about it for a while, I've decided we're gonna have a contest to name the Tea Shop! ...So, uh, anybody who has an idea can write it down, and when I've got all the ideas...you'll get to vote.

You've only got a week to come up with names to vote on. Get working!

[Sheena is just so tired of trying to be creative about it on her own, and the shop feels wrong without a name after all this time. Involving the village should solve lots of problems, right?

The shop closes early today, when its owner starts to feel strangely tired. She'll carry her journal out around midafternoon, locking the door behind her. At least she's been able to keep ice from forming on the stairs.

Near the bottom of the staircase, a wave of tired and dizzy wins out over balance. There's a lot of creative cursing - more than she'll inclined to - as she slides and rolls the last few steps...and the journal lands open in the mud and snow. So all that grumbling, and the noise of the fall? All nicely broadcasted.

Then she notices, hurrying to pick it up and clarify things.]

Uh, oops, dropped the book down the stairs. Sorry about that!
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Now with Layout! )

Luceti's Tea Shop sits above the Welcome Center. Tea is available from many of the represented worlds, as long as Sheena is able to find it in one place or another (like the item shop) or can devise a similar blend.

Drawing from this OOC comm post and prior volunteers I've noted, these are the people who are "working" in the Tea Shop on at least a semi-regular basis. (So if you see a post about the tea shop from another character, you can jump in as though you're working that day.) If this list is incorrect in any way, please let me know!

Albert Silverberg | [personal profile] chikaidestroyer
Fuuko Ibuki | [personal profile] starfishlovesyou
Helios | [personal profile] folklorist
Emil Castagnier | [personal profile] knightofratatosk
Zuko | [personal profile] twodragons

There is now a handwritten sign in the restroom that reads "Albert Silverberg is great with his owls!" She did promise.


Dec. 30th, 2011 06:02 pm
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Now accepting critique and cookies.

I don't know how to things like enable anon or screening on here. Really I don't.

I also believe that if you have something to say to me, your name ought to be on it. Who knows? Maybe I'll discuss it with you and we'll end up in an engaging conversation!
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Date, type of post, status.

[Dec. 21, action]
[April 14, written, filtered]
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[Out of the tunnels and into the plaza comes one very tired ninja, limping. Anyone lingering in the area will see a very surprised face...at all the snow.]

Whoa. Winter. ...I wasn't gone that long right?

[It's cold and she has no coat to speak of, but as she looks around, she realizes the fountain is about as far as she thinks she can go on her own. Time to sit on its edge, open that journal and see what the heck is going on. ...And let people know she came back. At least it wasn't like she was kidnapped or something.]

Hey! Nobody told me I should've been ready for a blizzard.

I could use a little help though.
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Y'know. I remember when I thought four months was gonna be too long of a time to live here. That there's no way this'd go on for even close to a year or something insane like that.

...Guess I was wrong, huh?

Oh. Tea shop's open again. Sorry about not warning anybody. I'll be around today.

[[ooc: Hello Luceti! Four long years ago today, a ninja became part of the experiment.

I feel old.]]

131. Null

Oct. 20th, 2011 10:33 am
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[Thursday morning, Sheena gets up.

It doesn't take long to make the decision to go to the tea shop, carrying the journal in her right hand, even though it's sort of early. But early is the point, isn't it? It's a pretty dark morning, with low and heavy gray clouds. Maybe it's going to rain.

Minutes after she arrives at the tea shop, there will be a sign on the Welcome Center door.

Tea Shop Closed Today

She stays inside for a while, making some attempt at cleaning and organizing the back room. It's a terrible attempt; she's not even there for an hour before leaving, headed back to the house.

The empty house.

Her empty left hand touches the doorknob, jerks away as though shocked, and drops back to her side. The rest of the morning, she spends sitting on her front steps, doodling and writing words, then scratching the words out, on the journal pages. There is one word  that is written more than once, filling in spaces between the rough images]


[It's after lunch when she decides enough is enough, snapping the journal closed. Sheena rises from the steps to turn and walk away, toward the barracks - and the thing that will take her to the beach.]

[[ooc: She'll respond to written replies (or voiced ones if you're mad about the shop closing!) and, of course, to actions~]]


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